Prefab Rammed Earth blocks


Always in the context of WP_5 Ob.5A , the Spark team has analyzed and developed an application of the rammed-earth wall redefined in a contemporary way.

Mud Building is a technology typical of Arabian and African countries. Though the fascination of this kind of construction still strikes the observer and is a value to be preserved, the technology itself lacks the stability and the requirements a contemporary building system shall be provided of.

On mud walls SPARK seeks a solution that combines the creation of molded prefab earth blocks with a steel inner reinforcement.

Prefab rammed earth blocks preparation starts with the creation of steel molds with a horizontal groove and a slider to introduce the flexible head board bar to modulate the length of the prefab-rammed-earth blocks.

The blocks are formed with a cavity that will host a central vertical steel bar reinforcement to add stability to the mud wall.

The interlocking prefab-rammed-earth elements are to be transported and then assembled in place with a crane on successive rows, with the support of a timber frame that will ultimately be removed.

Soil for the construction of the wall comes from excavation, although soil components are mixed according to the required quantities to obtain a stabilized soil mix. Physical and mechanical tests have been scheduled to assess strength, abrasion and water resistance results.

Furthermore, the research has produced mockups to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for materials and execution.

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