SPARK represents a conceptual turning point in the evolutionary process of the design methodology of our firm.

In the need to obtain a continuous nourishing of the expression capacity, SA built-up a permanent experimental workshop. Following a concurrent path with the architectural design, the identification of details, the formal intuitions and the investigation activities are consolidated by a verification and monitoring process through mock-ups and laboratory test.

September 4, 2017

Stone Brise-soleil
Sun shading and innovative reading of traditional patterns.

In the context of  WP_5 Ob.5A “Developing  technologies with the use of local material in order to improve energy penetration of the buildings” our research team has developed a stone sun-breaker System The Mediterranean Countries need for sun-shading during the hot season is here dealt with the reinterpretation of their figurative tradition patterns, adjusted into […]

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August 3, 2017

Prefab Rammed Earth blocks
Massive wall system

  Always in the context of WP_5 Ob.5A , the Spark team has analyzed and developed an application of the rammed-earth wall redefined in a contemporary way. Mud Building is a technology typical of Arabian and African countries. Though the fascination of this kind of construction still strikes the observer and is a value to […]

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