Stone Brise-soleil

In the context of  WP_5 Ob.5A “Developing  technologies with the use of local material in order to improve energy penetration of the buildings” our research team has developed a stone sun-breaker System

The Mediterranean Countries need for sun-shading during the hot season is here dealt with the reinterpretation of their figurative tradition patterns, adjusted into an innovative support.

The re-reading of this apparently casual geometrical motif is translated into a reproducible standardization of modular panels that are assembled on a main steel structure. The prefabrication of modules facilitates assembly and reduces construction timing, allowing a considerable cost cut.

The stone finishing is applied on a thin steel frame clearly visible from the inside but hidden to the outside, producing a double visual effect according to the point of view. Furthermore, the synthesis in a multiple sizing of standard modules and the special panels for angular solutions allow this kind of sun shading façade to be adaptable to different kind of compositions.



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