2004 | Asia / Japan / Aichi

Italian Pavilion for the 2005 Expo

The aim of the project was to provide a representation of Italian way of life through an emotional experience: landscapes, water, light, materials, sounds, smells, images involve visitors from all sides. All senses interact with the contents of the various sections. In La Misura (measure) section the light variation, from daylight to night, the sounds of the waterfall, the gull shout are mixed with the sound of the wind accompany the public on a wide glass path-walk on a gurgling water pool, representing the Mediterranean. The large projection show (40×7 meter) with Tuscany or Puglia landscapes or Rinassance’s towns views lead the visitor to the huge pearl, symbol of re-birth and renewal. Inside the Satiro Danzante, the world famouse bronze sculpture, recently re-discovered on the abyss of the Mediterranean Sea after 2.400 years and restored by the most advanced and modern techniques.

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