2005 | Asia / South Korea / Daejon

Daejon Science Center

The Science Center of Daejon has been realized renewing an existing cylindrical pavilion on the occasion of Daejon Expo. Our project for the competition consists of maintaining the steel structure of the original shell only, transforming the exterior rigid existing cover into a transparent cylinder shaped building in which all different functions gather in a cluster. The Ground Floor is a completely permeable area with no interruption between lake, woods and the existing large squares so that the Hall (main entrance) becomes an open public area with trees and a cafeteria in the inside.

The permanent exhibition areas, on the First Floor, host the different sections of the museum which follow a narrative path concatenating each section to the following one through themes that are like logical joining links: going from robotic, through neural networks, life science, biosphere, solar system, nano-science. Along this tour several “bubbles”, thought to be flexible structures, temporary host the results of the Korean research in that particular sector. The permanent exhibition spaces are in the “floating clusters” in the first floor. The several themes from science and technology are shown along a pathway going from robotic, through neural networks, to life science, from biosphere to solar system to nano-science. Several “bubbles”, for in-depth study of a matter, are thought as flexible structures that can show temporarily the results and status of Korean research in the field.

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