2007 | Europe / Italy / Martina Franca (TA)

Palazzo Fur Shop

The Palazzo Fur Shop was established in an historic building in the downtown area of a city in the Apulia region. The relationship that necessarily arises between existing facilities and the new design was resolved through a dialectical exercise, through an ongoing give-and-take between the rough-hewn nature of the masonry and the clean, concise nature of the fittings, between the arched forms of the existing structure and the rigorous, stereotype lines and surfaces of the design that led to the layout of the new spaces. Flat surfaces pass through the vaulted cavities, often wrapping around volumes, so as to channel the movements and eyes of visitors. The materials used are reduced to their key elements and chosen in tenuous hues, with the lack of chromatic highlights meant to favor the penetration of natural light. The planes float, creating the impression of a lack of gravity. The atmosphere is rarefied and elegant, with the burst of red emanating from a sofa sculpture providing a formal juncture for the entire space.

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