2010 | Europe / Italy / Rome

Umberto I Hospital

The renewed Nephrology and Gastroenterology Ward at the Umberto I Pediatric Clinic in Rome is amongst the top national structures in its sector: it welcomes young patients from across Italy seeking cures for severe genetic and chronic afflictions affecting the digestive organs and kidneys. The innovative design concept and the use of unusual materials and technologies for the interior spaces of a hospital make this project a reference point in the search for alternatives to the consolidated image of therapeutic space and new methods of interaction between the hospital environment and patients. In addition to the modernization works to respect new regulations and technical-operative requirements, typical of contemporary health care, the primary objective of the project was the pursuit of the most elevated quality of characteristics of humanization and psychophysical comfort for children and their families. All spaces were designed with the intent to let the young patients of the structure be protagonists of this new pediatric ward starting from the articulation of its spaces and functions to the selected furnishings and technologies.

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